The studio is located in Neukölln, Berlin. It has a low reverberation time and low noise floor.

Fully equipped with ADAM Audio 5.1 surround set up.

On top of the great acoustical situation, it sits on top of the terraces of the area, providing a beautiful view for a great working environment.

Edit Suite:

ADAM A7X / A5X / Sub8 5.1 System

Motu Ultralite MK3

PreSonus Fader Port

Pro Tools | Ultimate

Ableton Live 11

Field Recording / Production Sound:

Recorders: Zoom F8 , Zoom H4N

Microphones: Sennheiser MKH60, Audio Technica Perception 420, USI Pro

Lavs: Sennheiser G4 Ew , Sony UWP

Boompole, Harness and diverse accessories.