I'm a Sound Designer, Composer and overall Sound-Worker for Film, Advertising  and other audiovisual content.

I'm from Neuquén, Argentina, and now based in Berlin, Germany.



Supervising Production Sound Editor


Mixer, Sound Design


Mixer, Sound Design


Sound Design

A conceptual and practical approach to evoking desired emotions on Film, Video, Theatre, and other artistic medium with a sound component, through Sound.

Production Sound Mixer

Recording and mixing real-time Dialogue, Ambiences and FX, in set during the Production for posterior use during the Post Production Stage.


Selection, assembly and processing of pre-recorded sounds before the Mix stage. Usually involving Production Sound organisation, Dialogue Editing and spotting unrecoverable issues.


Music is one of the most efficient ways to convey emotions in any type of audiovisual content. Working together with the sound design, it will bring life to the story and invite the audience to relate to it in diverse ways.